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A British butterfly garden (by Linda Walls) (by Mario Ioppolo)
Amateur Entomologist (Butterfly and moth) (by Laurent Lecerf)
Anything but common (by Peter Groenendijk)
Anolimages Naturephotography (by Marjolijn Lopes Cardozo)
Arctiidae de Guyane Française (by Pierre Zagatti, Bernard Lalanne-Cassou)
A.R.D.E. - Associazione Romana di EntomologiaArthropa - L'univers des arthropodes terrestres (by Martha Benoit)
Borboletas Nocturnas de Portugal (by Pedro Pires, Eduardo Marabuto)
Butterflies and Moths (by Jeroen Voogd
Butterflies and Moths in the Netherlands (by Sifra Corver, Christine Corver)
Butterflies & Moths of Israel (by Simon Erez)
Butterflies of Ireland (by Adrian Phelan)
Butterflies of Kharkov Region (by Eugene Karolinskiy)
Butterflies of Japan (by Takashi Kumon) (by Bruce Walsh)
Butterflies of Serbia (by Milan Djuric)
Butterflies of Southeastern Arizona (by Bruce Walsh)
Butterflies Starting Page (by Henk van Nieuwenhoven)
Butterfly Arc - Casa delle FarfalleButterfly Info (by Johan T. Padding)
Butterfly IrelandButterfly Museum La Ceiba, HondurasCaptain's European Butterfly Guide (by Simon Coombes)
Catalogue of the Lepidoptera of the French Antilles (by Pierre Zagatti, Bernard Lalanne-Cassou, Jeanne le Duchat d'Aubigny)
Caterpillars of Australia (by Don Herbison-Evans, Stella Crossley)
Colour Atlas of the Siberian Lepidoptera (by Eduard Berlov) (by Herbert Beck)
Electronic Resources on (by Yeray Monasterio, Javier Camarasa)
Entomologie Gaume (by Jean-Luc Renneson)
Entomorpho (by Giuseppe Porfilio)
European Butterflies / Europäische Schmetterlinge (by Mario Maier)
European Butterflies and Moths (by Christopher Jonko) (by Randy Emmitt)
Farfalle d'Italia (by Roberto Villa, Marco Pellecchia, Giovanni Battista Pesce)
Foto Reiche (by Silvia Reiche)
Fotografia de Roger EritjaGuy Padfield's European Butterfly Page (by Guy Padfield)
Immigration of Lepidoptera (by Steven Nash, Les Hill)
InsectaInsectarium - The Network for Insect CollectorsInsects from former USSR for collectors (by Ilya Osipov)
Insects of the former Soviet Union (by Dmitriy Sobanin) (by Jun Fan)
Insect Web (by Martin Jagelka) (by Antonio Karabatsos, Stefano Bossi)
Irish Moths (by Maurice Hughes)
Jeff Higgott's UK LepidopteraKimmo´s Lep Site (by Kimmo Silvonen)
Le Maroc Grandeur Nature (Maison de l'Écologie & des Écosystèmes du Maroc)
(by Jean Delacre, Michel Tarrier)
LepidoptechLepidoptera and some other life forms (by Markku Savela)
Lepidoptera of Crimean region (by Vladimir Savchuk) (by Zlatko Liber)
Lépidoptères de France (by Alain Cosson)
Lepidopterological Society, Denmark (by P. Stadel Nielsen)
LEPS-L, The Lepidoptera ListserverLes carnets du lépidoptériste français
(by Claire Hoddé, Philippe Mothiron) (by Michel Tarrier)
Linneana BelgicaMacrofotografia fotografia naturalistica (by Salvatore Spano)
Mapping European Butterflies (MEB) (by Otakar Kudrna)
Mariposario del Drago, Icod de los Vinos, Tenerife, Islas Canarias, EspañaMatt's European Butterflies (by Matt Rowlings) (by John Snyder)
Motyle Polski - Butterflies of Poland (by Krzysztof Jonko)
Museo Mariposas del MundoNatural History Photographs (by Cor Zonneveld)
Nature en région Wallonne (by Jean Marc Michalowski)
Nature Photography by Per Hoffmann OlsenNature Photography by Randy L Emmitt - Butterfly section (by Markus Gebel, Maik Mergemeier)
Oriental butterflies and moths (by Felix Lin)
Papillons en macro photo (by Maurice Chambaret)
Papillons: observer des papillons (by Claire Hoddé)
Peter Eeles British Butterfly WebsitePhotographs from Nature - Butterfly Gallery (by Jay Cossey)
Photography of European Butterflies and Moths (by Bernard Fransen)
PhotoTresorPolymorphism in hawkmoths larvae (by P. Mazzei, D. Reggianti)
Recensement des Rhopalocères de Doische (by Jean Delacre) (by Ilya Osipov)
Saturniidae of the Western Palaearctic (by Tony Pittaway)
Schmetterlinge Calanda (by Heiner Ziegler)
Schmetterling, Raupe, Puppe - präsentiert von Walter SchönSesiidae - Clear wing moths - Glasflügler (Lepidoptera: Sesiidae) (by Franz Pühringer) (by Dmitry Shakin)
Simply Birds and Moths (by Tony Davison)
Sphingidae of the United States (by Bill Oehlke) (by Tony Pittaway)
Steve's Insect Images (by Stephen Stroud)
Swedish Lepidoptera (by Thure Svensson)
tagis - Centro de Conservação das Borboletas de PortugalThe Butterflies of Slovakia - Motýle Slovenska (by Marian Buda) (by Timothy Cowles)
The Butterfly Farmer (by Randi Jones)
The Butterfly WebSiteThe International Lepidoptera Survey (by Paul Sammut)
The Lepidopterists' Society (by Bruce Walsh)
Troy's Photo Gallery (by Troy Bartlett)
UK Lepidoptera (by Jeff Higgott)
UK-leps ONElistUKMoths (by Ian Kimber)
Website Stanislav AbadjievWorldwide ButterfliesWorld Wide Saturniidae (by Bill Oehlke)
WildLife photography in Siberia and Central Asia (by Oleg Kosterin)
Zawisaki Polski (Lepidoptera, Sphingidae) (by Grzegorz Banasiak)
ZERYNTHIA -- Asociación Española para la Protección de las Mariposas y su Medio (by Yeray Monasterio)

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